Attention All Pork Lovers:

The goal of ISU Bacon Expo’s eduction team is to educate event goers about where their bacon comes from. This team works all year long in creating interactive booths that will be scattered throughout the event floor for bacon enthuisiasts to participate in.

This year’s booths include:

  • Gate to Plate

    • An interactive exhibit explaining modern day swine production

  • Meat in a Minute

    • A booth where event goers participate in a game while learning about different cuts of pork…including BACON

  • Snout to Tail

    • A stop on the floor that allows baconeers to learn about ALL of the cool things that we get from pigs​

  • Piglet Pen

    • A fenced off area of Bacon Expo meant for our youngest attendees. Kid/toddler friendly activites are offered here including coloring, balloon pig sorting, face painting and MUCH more​

  • The Trough

    • Modern day pigs don’t eat slop and roll in the mud like many of us may think. At this booth, learn about what pigs eat to stay healthy and happy​

  • Throwback

    • Swine production has chaged  A LOT over the years. At Throwback, you can see just how drastic and interesting these changes are​