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Iowa State students to host sixth annual Bacon Expo

“Bacon Expo is a family-friendly event that draws more than 2,000 guests annually, who come together for one common cause – bacon.”


Cbc Online

Bacon Lovers Unite At The 2017 ISU Bacon Expo Saturday In Ames

“And while attendees are munching on all the different bacon-themed culinary treats, they will be able to take in some entertainment and are invited to help in honoring Eric Hoiberg, a sociology professor at ISU and the father of one of the university’s and Ames’ most memorable figures, Fred Hoiberg.”

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Iowa State Students Host Fifth Annual Bacon Expo Oct. 7

“The event offers participants a chance to sample creative bacon treats such as bacon gelato, chocolate covered bacon, maple bacon cupcakes and traditional fried bacon strips.”


Wallaces Farmer

Tickets now on sale of the Fourth Annual Iowa State Bacon Expo

“Along with being an educational event, this year’s Bacon Expo will focus on giving back to the Ames community by donating all leftover bacon to Food at First.”


Ames Tribune

Bacon lovers leave expo satisfied

“Even from the parking lot, visitors for the third-annual Iowa State University Bacon Expo could sense the scent of sizzling greasy bacon awaiting them inside the Hansen Agriculture Student Learning Center on Saturday.”

Iowa State Daily

Bacon lovers converge at expo

“Since Iowa has such a high standing in the national pork industry, events like the Bacon Expo become more important and give experts a chance to educate people about the industry”

Iowa State Daily

ISU hosts student-run Bacon Expo

“Attendees will also be educated on where their food comes from and how it gets from the “gate to their plate”

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“You know what goes better with bacon? More bacon! And that is what you will find at the third annual Iowa State University Bacon Expo”


Cyclone Life

Bacon, Bacon, and more Bacon

“For those you are not up to date on your knowledge of bacon, Iowa is the number one producer of bacon in the United Sates. So basically, it’s the currency of Iowa. That’s how much we love bacon.”

Tri-County Times

Iowa State Bacon Expo tickets on sale Oct. 10

“The Iowa State Bacon Expo is the only student organized bacon event of its kind in the United States.”


Ames Tribune

Bacon Expo is sizzling

“Aimed toward students as well as the public, Bacon[Expo], which will host live bands and recreational activities such as a bacon-eating contest, will also seek to provide an educational experience for those in attendance.”

Iowa State Daily

Bringing Home the Bacon

“We have one of the best agricultural schools in the world, and I think an event like Bacon[Expo] is really a great opportunity to showcase that.”

Ames Tribune

Iowa State bacon [expo] latest sign of the wildly popular meat

“Thousands of people attend the growing bacon festival in Des Moines. Now, an Iowa State University student is hoping to see the same turn out in Ames.”


BACON EXPO: Pork Paradise At ISU

“If you’re salivating at the thought of attending the Bacon Expo, you’re out of luck if you don’t already have a ticket. The 1,200 tickets to the event sold out within two days.”

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Iowa State student plans Ames bacon [expo]

“After seeing thousands of people attend a bacon festival in Des Moines, an Iowa State University student wants Ames to get a slice of the action.”